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AC WILLIAMS SCALE CO., LLC offers bench scales of every capacity and size. These bench-top models are offered as stand alone units. With so many options available, we have only listed a few featured products. If you do not find what you are looking for on our site, please contact us for more information.


B-TEK Industrial Bench Scale
features rugged, heavy-duty construction to ensure long term performance and service life. The B-TEK Industrial Bench Scale is designed for high performance and reliability in a variety of Industrial applications, including general purpose weighing, check-weighing, bagging, packaging and other high accuracy industrial weighing applications.
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Rice Lake

BenchMark™ LP
The BenchMark LP low-profile platform offers an overall height of just two-to-three inches. The more subtle presence of the LP is an attractive option for commercial situations, or other areas in need of a less obtrusive platform. Gain the same accuracy and performance as our standard benchmark models in a more refined and inconspicuous package.
BenchMark™ Series Light Capacity
BenchMark™ Series Medium to High Capacity
Our trusted BenchMark is available in several different mid- to high-capacity designs, mild steel, hostile environment, or stainless steel. Whatever your application demands, the Rice Lake BenchMark Series delivers the best possible accuracy for higher capacity weighing.
BenchMark™ HDP
Available in several variations and capacities, the BenchMark HDP portable platform scale is an ideal option for many light industrial and commercial applications. With standard capacities up to 500lbs, the BenchMark HDP allows the accuracy and precision of a Rice Lake bench scale to be moved to almost any setting.
Brochure (pdf)
BenchMark™ HD
The BenchMark HD is a solid choice for heavy duty industrial weighing. This NTEP certified platform rises to the challenge of frequent heavy loads. The BenchMark HD scale base comes standard in 30 x 30 and 36 x 36 sizes with capacities of 250 to 500lbs. Custom sizes and capacities available.

Rice Lake has several bench scale models that are designed to withstand the rigors of frequent moisture contact and industrial cleaning processes.

BenchMark™ SLHE
CW-90X Base
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BenchMark™ HE
Starting with a stainless steel IP69K hermetically sealed load cell, the HE Series addresses the needs of hostile environment and washdown applications. Rice Lake's BenchMark HE performs reliably through the most demanding tasks, with a base that's specially engineered for overload protection.

Compact Bench Scales
Compact bench scales are all-in-one devices with an indicator built right into the scale base. Economically priced compact units offer low to mid-range operation for simple weighing needs.

Versa-portion®, Rice Lake Weighing Systems
IP68, water and dust resistant, stainless steel construction, with capacities from six to sixty pounds, the Versa-portion is perfect for food processing, hygienic medical settings and everything in-between. Its straightforward keypad easily toggles between ounces, pounds and grams. And custom pans and fixtures can be designed for limitless weighing potential.
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Ishida iPC Series Portable Bench Scale
Brochure (pdf)
Ishida iPC-WP Portable Bench Scales
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Bench Scales With Indicator Packages
Convenient operation and setup, these indicator and scale base packages are suitable for a wide range of industrial weighing applications.

Legal-for-Trade Platform Scale with Indicator
THE 140-10-7N PORTABLE FITNESS SCALE is an NTEP Certified legal-for-trade device that provides the highest possible accuracy when weight is a critical factor. In wrestling programs, weight-loss centers and even health clubs, weight can determine membership fees or classification levels. For that reason a legal-fortrade device must be used.
Brochure (pdf)
DIGI® Bench Scale and Indicator Package
Brochure (pdf)
Ishida IGX & IGB Series
Brochure (pdf)
IQ plus® 2100 Digital Bench Scale
A sound investment for common checkweighing tasks, the IQ plus 2100 features simple two button operation. Use the IQ plus 2100 for bakeries, portioning, kitting, or many other light industrial checkweighing needs.
Brochure (pdf)
IQ plus® 2100SL Digital Bench Scale
This special 2100 model is enhanced with a four-point spring plate suspension, to minimize shock and overload damage. For increased durability, the 2100SL is an economical and durable checkweighing device.
Brochure (pdf)
CW-90 Over/Under Checkweigher
Ease of use, realtime data collection, and rugged stainless steel construction make the CW-90 the equipment of choice for operators, quality control and maintenance departments. Enjoy the convenience of a full numeric keypad. The CW-90 is competitively priced for all light industrial needs.
Brochure (pdf)
CW-90X Over/Under/Washdown Checkweigher
For heavy washdown environments and HACCP requirements, choose Rice Lake's CW-90X. The over/under CW-90X checkweigher features hermetically sealed load cells, 304 stainless steel construction, extra-strength piezo keypad, and an IP69K rating to survive daily sanitary washdowns.
Brochure (pdf)
CW-80 Over/Under Checkweigher
This legendary performer still has much to offer. The classic piezo keypad is best known for resistance to sharp knife points, and the CW-80's extensive feature set will compliment almost any application. Find solid performance in this OIML approved IP66 rated checkweigher.
Digi® DS-470SS
This Digi checkweigher is a solid choice for simple, everyday needs. Economically priced, the DIGI DS 470SS provides convenience and accuracy in one compact package.
Acculab® Exceleron Series
Capacity: 6000g-300,000g Readability: 0.5g-20g
Acculab® SVI Series
Capacity: 10,000g-200,000g Readability: 1g-50g
Acculab® VA Series
A&D Weighing GP Series
Capacity: 12,000g-101,000g Readability: 0.1g-10g
Sartorius Mechatronics Combics Plug-and-Weigh
These complete indicator and scale base packages provide a high standard of accuracy in applications such as pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, food production, and metallurgy. Combics Plug-and-Weigh systems are ready to go out-of-the-box. Simply unpack, plug and weigh!
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