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Doran Scale Data Communication - Integrated Scale Network

Doran Scales, Inc.Today's workplace demands a scale that can be integrated into a corporate network, send data to a printer, or transmit weight information to a PC across your facility. AC WILLIAMS SCALE CO., LLC meets that demand with a wide variety of data communications options and data collection software. Please contact us for more information.
Excel Series Indicators line, comes an array of “Value Added Standard Features and Options” for a wide variety of applications. With that in mind, Doran is now able to provide a solution for customers requiring USB communications.
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Wireless 802.11b Ethernet is now available on all Excel Series Doran indicators. Implementation of Doran’s Wireless Ethernet option results in an efficient flow of information directly from the plant floor to any computer on your network utilizing existing network hardware and software.
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RS232 is the most commonly used and economical communication interface for sending scale data to another device including printers, PCs, remote displays and PLC controllers. Doran includes RS232 as a standard feature in all of our products.
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RS-232 was originally adopted in 1960 by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA). Over the 40+ years since this standard was developed, the Electronic Industries Association published three modifications, the most recent being the EIA232E standard introduced in 1991. In this document we will see several parts of the original RS-232C standard and mostly the ones used in the PC world. This document will describe the use and configuration of serial ports using RS-232.
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Fiber optic communications is widely used in IS Hazardous environments due to the convenience of installation and use. In an IS environment, copper cables carrying a voltage or current potential are often required to be installed into conduit. This ensures safety in a hazardous environment, but also increases installation and maintenance costs.
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Modbus is one of the most popular Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) communication protocols used in the industrial world. Modbus/TCP is a popular variant of the Modbus communication protocol. The Modbus/TCP standard allows devices to communicate with PLCs and operator panels with PLC based software installed by embedding Modbus messages inside TCP/IP frames.
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Virtually every company today has an Ethernet network to distribute email, Internet access, share printers and run enterprise wide software. Your customers both large and small can leverage their existing Ethernet and PC hardware infrastructure and extend it to the factory floor.
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4-20mA has been available as a communications protocol for data collection, systems monitoring and control since the 1960’s. 4-20mA is still widely used today with remote indicators, PLC’s and legacy equipment. Although dated, 4-20mA offers ease of use and affordability that many other communications protocols cannot.
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Ethernet is now available on all Doran Excel Series Indicators. Implementation of Doran’s Ethernet option results in an efficient flow of information directly from the plant floor to any computer on your network.
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RS485 communications are similar to RS232 except that RS485 provides better noise immunity, it is suited to cable distances up to 4,000 feet, and it allows multiple scales to be connected to the same data line.
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